Friday 7 October 2016

Get your facts straight.

Verse 1: I love to write but, I usually write when I can't sleep. And mostly in the middle of the night or morning. My mind starts working and I can actually think those hours... My brain stops working in the day time, I can only create and get inspired at night time. My mom calls me night owl. I am a true nyctophiliac. I'm okay with being one.

Verse 2: i can't sleep, because I'm judging myself because I feel useless again. Thinking of weird past stuff again, loads of regrets, heart breaks, embarrassment, past life torture... Why am I still doing this?

Verse 3: I'm stressed out. My allergies kicked in again. And every time I breathe i can hear the little noise in my lungs just like a baby hurricane... If I don't cough, I can not breathe. It's only October... Man, it looks like this winter will be rough for me, this time. I need a doc asap. But I have panic attack and even thinking about going away makes me feel really anxious...