Sunday 10 November 2019

The door is open and shut.

Hey there,

Is it just me or are you pushing your luck? I didn't like your tone at all... The door was always open but you never behaved. Who’s laughing now? You see, we both lost. It's true that I have artistic expressionism going on up in here and I'm not enjoying it one bit. If anything, it's a pure torture but I'm feeding from it. You're so full of hatred, I will never be like you!

I wanted and needed your help but you ARE poison. I'm not cold as ice nor I intend to be, I'm just an ordinary person, trying to survive by keep fucking up in my mind oh yeah in real life too... I see your Poe reference it's rather tasteless. How dare you hit me with this? It's so cruel and low even for a monster like you. I tried to keep my sanity because I knew it was never enough. I couldn't. It doesn't mean, I won't! Go back to your cave and get out of my face. Hmmm What's missing in our story here...?? (-are you seriously going to end the letter like this?)


"The Girl"

Ode to “The Girl”


Remember me? You wouldn’t dare to forget this face would you? Here we are my old friend. Long time no see... / — how long do you think I will stay in her life this time? This girl is fucking me up, dude and dudettes. — It’s like a fucking emotional roller coaster. I’m not that soft... man... have some respect for me. You say you want me and then turn away when I try to exist.
Let me take over, once in your life... and then the ravens take over, fuck and NEVERMORE!

You wanted me to save you and now you’re giving me this morphine bullshit whenever I try to speak!? I’m sorry but I can not stand your Poe ass. Always so fucking melancholic and dark... do you even pretend to smile? You’re cold as ice and I don’t think you have a heart. You only have your own bullshit going on but you can not see in front of you. Words ain't enough. You keep betraying me and it’s not cool. Fuck you and your pride. And your artistic expressions. Nobody fucking cares... there are a lot of you...

- Rotten