Sunday 19 September 2021

Fluent in Silence (Andy's Interlude)

To Ellie,

Complete silence and just minimal stares… those are the crucial heartburns. What did I do to deserve this? Your no response is powerful enough, my pretty. 

These creatures, so called the human race. None of them are happy. None. They’re just pretending. Sunken with their muddy lies. You and I both are aware. But we are too busy to regret and resent our choices, that we don’t bother to see the bigger picture. 

You always tell me, there is no bigger picture. Everything is coincidental and we’re all gonna die… geez babe, be more negative please… but then again I fell in love with this bitter woman who thinks the world itself is a mistake and who just happens to exist without any subtexts. You are aware, my sweet. That alone, kills you…

What’s the next act? What’s gonna happen now? Audiences want to know… they are all waiting patiently for your and my choices for life. So they can thrive on them. You are a very important piece of my story and this life, you still don’t know… you’re wondering about your socks and that’s your priority… such a thing. You amaze me.

Will you be my heroine for life?

Looking forward for your response x

- Andy

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