Sunday 16 February 2014

Old Typewriter.

"This one my friends, reads us all right through our foreheads, well... I can feel it changing again, those filthy little pages, a blue fairy. Something big is coming. Somehow. But yet there is a lack of modjo or some fairy dust, deep in ocean... oh... I don't even wanna write. But I write... I can see those pages floating down... I don't even try to catch them anymore... they just keep floating and landing onto my shoulders... on my hair... my eyes... my face... those dusty old pages that written by an old typewriter. Is that my fate that we discuss? No? Don't ask questions. We don't need them in here... There are 3 possible different universes... 1 is this present time... huh? what is this again? Mellow, shallow? anything with low?! why so low?! why not high? are you high? no. never. but why? why art thou not high?... I'll keep on writing. My fate. my story. and then there are 2 possible different stories will be told. but YOU will still not understand. I'm not being pessimistic at all. this is the truth. the true form of human beings... the truth and stories shall be told and finally it is you... to decide... which side you want to choose..." -RENÉE finished her monologue and took her bow as a tear came down to her cheek.

Thursday 13 February 2014

You and I, dealing Meth

To My Love,

BRODY! MY LOVE!... I FRICKIN LOVE YOU WITH MY FRICKIN TINY SORRY BROKEN HEART! Please do forgive me, I won't be with you when you come to Berlin. My heart is so broken, I can't even sweep up the pieces... I'm an ultimate idiot my love. Can't help it. I can't live without my idiocy... But one thing I know for sure, is that I'll be seeing you so soon. Baby... So soon. You're my one and only girl. Please forgive this hopeless romantic, baby...



 Ladies and Gentlemen! BRODY FUCKING DALLE

New Single:

Meet the Foetus / Oh The Joy.

Monday 3 February 2014

A Tale about How Rotten Cherry came out.

Once upon a time there was a girl with beautiful long curly red hair, she was nothing like Rapunzel or any other Disney princesses, she was the term riot. A rebel. One day she thought, She really like Johnny Rotten lead vocal of Sex Pistols, she liked cherries... darker ones, they were her favorite fruit... "it's a big shame if you keep them and let them rott" she sighed. "Such disrespectful move for such a fruit! " she yelled. Then she suddenly realized...

And this is a story about how it happaned...image

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