Tuesday 11 June 2019

Love Dust (It Off) - Beginning


      (The Informal beginning...)

        Keep it cool, keep it cool. Have some pride, damn it! Because either way you're failing. At least go down with dignity!

     What is it with you, your balls of steel and these weird shields of glass? Haven't you learnt anything? Begging and yearning for dusts of love.

     You can not win this battle, darling, everything's so mechanical and you know it. You're just waiting patiently for your turn to dissolve into... Even though your heart bleeds you have to...

   -  "Why aren't you finishing your sentences?"

   -  "... Why are you here?"

   -  "Because you're one in a million, I'm trying to save you."

   -   "Don't."

     Be less human, be less human! Feel less! Does it hurt? Good! It's not you... You have to adapt, don't ask questions, you might not like the answers.

     You won't be winning this battle. You might still win this war... Assimilation begins...

  -  "But, I wanna be with you... I want you!"

  -  *Tsk* "You're ridiculous... "

 -  "Meet me here tonight..."

To be Continued....