Saturday 5 August 2017

Sun Child

You'll witness an agony so great that will start the judgement day....

 A Letter from Jane Doe to John Doe...

John, My Love;

 When the past was hurting, the present wanted to conquer. You shined so bright, my eyes went permanently blind... I knew something was there, then I came back to the reality and moved on... Sorry for lying on your face. Oh how I will never have you. I curse the day that my eyes have met your eyes. If I'd never met you, I wouldn't feel the pain of just seeing even your silhouette, I wouldn't feel insane. I force a wistful grin. I smile at you. Did I tell you that I'm crazy about you? What went wrong? I'll keep on wondering what might have been. 

Is everything coming to an end tomorrow? the world is ending and I'm the only one who knows it. If you knew, would you loved me? Tonight is so cold John. This cold will never go away. I'm afraid that it might take you away from me. Are you going to let it? Do you even care? 

 Do you remember how I just stood there and looked right at you? You stared back into my eyes, had no idea that you were the actual reason; the curse, the cure of me. Had no idea that I've been thinking about you constantly and wonder what it'd be like for you to touch my hand, hold it and never let it go. One gloomy and lonely night to know that you're right there to wipe away my tears and be there to save me from all my deepest and darkest fears, solitude... Will I lose you forever in a week? Stop me from thinking. Save me... Save me from myself.

You have already possessed another heart. I've been there the whole time. Just not in exact moment, place. Even though it sends me to the deepest pits of hell. I stop. Breathe and let go of getting too attached to you. 

Now you're standing here with me. Staring back into my eyes. I smile back at you too. My dead heart does too. 

       I love you.