Sunday 10 November 2019

The door is open and shut.

Hey there,

Is it just me or are you pushing your luck? I didn't like your tone at all... The door was always open but you never behaved. Who’s laughing now? You see, we both lost. It's true that I have artistic expressionism going on up in here and I'm not enjoying it one bit. If anything, it's a pure torture but I'm feeding from it. You're so full of hatred, I will never be like you!

I wanted and needed your help but you ARE poison. I'm not cold as ice nor I intend to be, I'm just an ordinary person, trying to survive by keep fucking up in my mind oh yeah in real life too... I see your Poe reference it's rather tasteless. How dare you hit me with this? It's so cruel and low even for a monster like you. I tried to keep my sanity because I knew it was never enough. I couldn't. It doesn't mean, I won't! Go back to your cave and get out of my face. Hmmm What's missing in our story here...?? (-are you seriously going to end the letter like this?)


"The Girl"