Friday 25 August 2023

A Farewell Letter of Mr. Thorne: A Tragic Love Ballad

To the One Who Will Claim These Words,

   As my quill meets the parchment, and my ink merges with my thoughts and memories, I sense your presence; a stranger bound by fate, who will read these lines someday in a time unknown to me. Millennia later, you have discovered this letter; a piece of my existence captured in ink and on paper. With the hope that my words resonate within you, forging a connection that transcends the ages, I extend my hand through time.

  In the heart of Calloway Manor, amidst elegance and secrets, I, Oliver Thorne, found myself ensnared in a tale of love and tragedy that would shape my life forever. But before delving into the depths of this story, allow me to cast a glance back at my past, a past that molded me into the man at the center of this spiritual drama.


  I was born into modest circumstances. My childhood days were decorated with my mother's laughter and the comforting aroma of homemade bread in our cottage. She was my guiding light, her stories taking me far beyond the confines of our humble surroundings. These tales ignited a passion within me, a longing for adventure and ever-brightening love with each turned page. Yet, as my heart soared with her stories, the boundaries emerged. 

 Often, I would gaze out our window, wondering if the wonders of the outside world would match the wonders I found in my mother's words. I knew so little. Destiny had plans of its own, guiding me toward an epic I could never have imagined.

 As I stepped into adulthood, I realized that the world was far more complex than the stories my mother had read to me; a world where privilege and power determine destiny. And before long, I found myself in service to the Calloway family; an honorable yet restricting life. The splendor and mysteries of Calloway Manor became both my sanctuary and my prison.

 Then, as fate would have it, within the confines of the estate, I crossed paths with her. The young mistress of the manor, the essence of the Calloway lineage - Lady Victoria... Ah, the ache in my chest!             

 As she stood in the midst of the lush garden, the sun crowned her chestnut hair with a golden halo. She possessed a rare beauty and grace. Her elegant smile echoed in the depths of my soul like the sweetest melody. Her piercing blue eyes held the promise of unspoken dreams, a promise that ignited a fire of hope in me.  The stolen glances we exchanged beneath the open sky that day whispered words to my disobedient heart... ah! They deepened my love for her. I knew my heart belonged to her and her alone...

 As months passed, she enveloped me with boundless affection. But, as is the nature of love stories, obstacles emerged... And as if summoned from the very heart of hell, Lord Theodore Everhart entered our tale. His arrival cast a shadow over our lives, a formidable figure disrupting the delicate story we were weaving. He was a wealthy and egotistical man, desiring Victoria's love.

 His passion bordered on obsession, an intense desire that left no room for reason. He believed that he must possess her, that this was the only path to his happiness. Fueled by his all-consuming love, he was determined. His unwavering determination, born from his all-consuming love, ignited a fierce fire within me. I was resolved to show Victoria that love could never be forced or possessed, only freely given and received.

On a warm spring afternoon in 1843, Victoria and I unexpectedly locked eyes. In that moment, an indescribable connection formed between us, as if her gaze pierced into the depths of my soul, the very essence of my being... and my soul departed this realm... Like celestial bodies drawn by the force of attraction, in that brief connection that transcended mere chance, it was as if the universe conspired to entwine our gazes. The day was suddenly painted with the golden brush of the sun, transforming the lush garden surrounding us into a warm and enchanting masterpiece.

In the fragile thread of this fleeting connection, Lord Theodore Everhart, shrouded in wealth and pride, suddenly appeared, interrupting our silent exchange and casting an unsettling shadow over our emotions. His silent observation of our unspoken connection hardened his features. His brows furrowed with anger, jealousy clouded his narrowed eyes.

 With confidence that bordered on arrogance, Lord Everhart issued a bold challenge. He approached us deliberately, his manner both calculated and intentional. Unmistakable melodies of pride and arrogance resonated in his voice, like the commands of a noble monarch on his throne. And so, amidst the lush green gardens that surrounded us, a glove was thrown; a duel was demanded. In adherence to ancient traditions, it would be with swords... a duel that would test not only our courage but our hearts as well. It was decided; this night would seal my fate...

 As the relentless night advanced, with raindrops gently tapping on the leaves, the stage was meticulously set; a fog-shrouded dueling ground. The ambiance seemed to whisper the impending gravity of the encounter. For a brief moment, the moon's silken light bestowed an otherworldly glow upon her chestnut hair, and Lady Victoria's pensive face came into view. Though she tried to hide it, her struggles for breath were evident. A deep desire to breathe freely was evident in her every effort. A fervent wish to offer her the air in my own lungs pulsed within me. I longed to give my life to comfort her, for the thought of existence without her rendered my life as meaningless as death itself.

 As the duel began, the clash of our swords commenced with a fierce intensity. Lord  Theodore's first strike was a reflection of his unspoken emotions, manifesting itself in the very swing of his sword. But memories of Victoria's smiles and laughter, the essence of our love, guided me through this contest we had unwillingly entered. With every parry and thrust, I defended the love I held for Victoria, a love too profound to articulate. Our eyes met once more in a fleeting moment. A glance filled with deep connection and understanding. However, Lort Theodore's rapid and sharp attacks continued without a pause. 

 With an inner fury, I wielded my sword even faster, countering Lord Theodore's assaults. As the intensity of our duel escalated, everything around us blurred. My body trembled with every move. Each strike felt like a cry of anger. The clash of our swords resonated in the air like metallic thunder. The fire of love burning within my soul strengthened me with every move.

 Finally, with a series of swift maneuvers, I breached Lord Theodore's defenses and my sword found its mark, touching his shoulder. Yet he was not willing to admit defeat. With an unwavering gaze, Lord Theodore cracked a smile, a gesture that sent shivers down my spine. His intentions frightened me. The rapid beating of my heart sounded like the very melody of the battle. The meaning behind that enigmatic smile hinted at the unfolding conclusion of our duel.


 It was a sudden, heart-wrenching moment - a moment that sent shivers down to the core of my being. The gleam from the sword Lord Theodore carried, combined with Victoria's scream in the air, rushed towards me. As my mind struggled to process this unfolding event, I slowly halted my steps and turned my gaze towards Victoria. Her eyes were fixed on the point over my chest, her expression frozen like a grim painting resurrecting a melancholic memory. Calmly, I turned my head in the direction of the warmth emanating from my body. The sword had found its intended target. I looked at it once more. We were both trying to understand the meaning of this moment. An angry pain began to fester inside me. This intense agony was beyond physical discomfort; a tangible representation of my soul-destroying distress at the thought of the disappearance of love, which gave purpose to my miserable existence! "This can't be the end..." I muttered, Ah, indeed it was. The battle had come to an end in the blink of an eye, leaving me with a mortal wound. Now, everything had changed...

 As my body sank onto the damp ground, each breath I took became increasingly labored and strenuous. The world around me began to blur and fade slowly. In the swirling mist, the agonizing symphony of Victoria's deafening cries and heart-wrenching sobs pierced the air. Her flushed, tear-soaked face emerged slowly from within the turbulent mist, like a vague silhouette. When she attempted to run towards me, Lord Theodore had anticipated her move and firmly grasped her arm, defiantly pushing her back. I could only manage a feeble "Don't touch her!" as the words struggled to escape my lips. The combination of anxiety and desperation constricted my throat.

 While my eyes were locked by his angry gaze, Victoria took a quick step toward me with a sudden determination and conviction. Her body, slightly swaying, glided silently and gently beside me, like a leaf of a violet falling on the ground. For a brief moment the air trembled, as if expecting some dull meaning. This act was an expression of the clash of two loves, two wills, two destinies. And in that moment, despite the intensity of all emotional tempests, everything was went still, achieving a quiet balance. It was as if the atmosphere had absorbed her pain and sadness, casting an ominous spell on the stage. When I looked deep into her eyes, I saw a piece of love that was pushing the boundaries of her love.

I gently brushed her hair away from her face with my hands. Her eyes were swollen and tired from crying. I smiled faintly at her, and with my last remaining strength, uttered, "Even with my soul’s final breath, this love in my heart will never fade. Every moment I've spent with you is worth a lifetime." She smiled back, and with the vulnerability and sincerity, she said, "Knowing illuminates my despair.” Life and death - that was the only awareness I needed, a connection so deep that not even the mortal realm could sever it.

 Lord Theodore watched us from a distance, seemingly unaffected by the situation, yet there was a sympathetic look in his eyes for the fading life before him. Yet with his triumphant smile, standing tall as the victor of the duel, he could never grasp the profound bond that had formed between Victoria and me...

 My strength waned and the light within me began to fade. A deep ache rose from my heart as my consciousness vibrated and slowly surrendered to the gentle embrace of the mist. The pain of holding Victoria for once and for all… The world around me receded, its lines blurring into a gentle haze. As my spiritual torment which had consumed me, slowly dissipated, it left behind a profound tranquility. Fate itself had extended a merciful hand, guiding me towards acceptance...

 Days turned into weeks, each passing moment an agonizing fabric of pain and longing. On a cursed Thursday, from my room's vantage point, I witnessed the altered course of Victoria's life, forced into marriage with Lord Theodore by her father. The fog clung to the old mansion, mirroring my gloomy mood and the feelings deeply rooted within me.

  As the bold strokes of ink faded in the pale light of twilight, reflecting my waning vitality, I confronted the inevitable truth: the embrace of death... At the age of 28, this moment I stood in tightly gripped me. The fragility of life echoed in words once resonated with purpose. Ink and paper, too, eventually succumbed to the flow of time. With melancholy, my thoughts crystallized, consumed by the magnitude of the love that had sprouted and grown (blossomed and developed) within me. An unspoken love, cherished in the depths of my soul until my final days... The fog’s branches seemed to guide me like invisible hands, enveloping me like a shroud, and the boundary between my body and the fog blurred steadily.

 As my strength wanes and the light within me fades, surrendering myself to the soft embrace of this mist,

I bid you farewell, my dear friend from the distant future. In these closing moments, my heart clings tightly to the memory of the love I carry. As the pen, an extension of my thoughts, slips from my trembling hand, the parchment beneath holds the evidence of an unfinished narrative. In these fleeting final moments, when my consciousness merges with the mysterious mist and beckons me towards infinity, I offer a silent prayer; I begged in a whisper that this love grown inside me would echo through the ages, and that this endless symphony would be heard even in the mysteries of the unknown. May the pages of time protect the echo of this love with an eternal whisper. May the course of fate comfort your heart, my dear friend, knowing that even in the midst of mysteries of the unknown, my love remains unshakable.

 I, a man caught between two worlds, bound by the fragile thread of existence, harbored a deep love in my heart for the most exceptional soul that bestowed an indescribable sense of purpose upon my existence. Her name was forever in my heartbeat…