Saturday 24 September 2016

How I decided to come back? (Sorta) and Meet the Personas

  Hellow, hellow. This is your captain Giz speaking;

  Today's diary log will be about social media, mental health, swearing and possibly friends... So sit back, buckle up and enjoy your flight!

  It looks like I'm back ladies and gents, I really don't know what I'm doing at the moment (yes still) so I'm trying to "go with the flow." I've had major radical changes. (definitely not mentally) But I would like to save that part for later. Let's talk about social media now. For curious eyes, I've been missing in social media for years now. I am definitely NOT back. Well let's explain it like this, I like to hang out in a place where/which doesn't bore me and pressure me to death and where I like to keep it simple, down to earth and clean (well not too clean bwahah). So this website will be the first pain free experience, because I feel I can control almost everything, almost. And the best is, I don't give a single flying fuck if you're reading this or not. I'm mostly entertaining myself. That's the most important point :) So, There are two people in this mind, yes. Rotten and Gizem. Some say one of them isn't real but I can assure you that both of them are very real and different people. So keep that in mind. Let's begin with Gizem; First things first she's a human being has rights and wrongs... Sometimes she feels like android unfortunately she's still a human child.. Not even a Time Lady. Sad but true. The second child of this awesome sauce parents. Mother of 6 kitties 1 dog and 1 badass turtle. Other than that; She is an actress and a film maker. Loves to make boring artsy fartsy short films, (does not publish some of them online) writes, edits, acts, directs, makes music... etc. (you know like one of those boring upper class intellectual type of people but still indie at some point. And boring as fuck. But also is an opera singer and has a vocal range of 3,5 octaves so yeaah... Not so ordinary now is she *supercool sunglass* also did I mention boring?) oh and she has ADD. And... then there is Rotten; the one we absolutely adore and look up to. Well she has her moments... Rotten is a badass character like bad to the bone. An absolute femme fatale but more like "fatale" itself... An true anti-villain. She's a total child, nerd, noob, bubbly, cheerful, creative, independent, always high (without the drugs), if you do her wrong she will do yog wrong with cherry on top! (get it? get it?) and also has ADD. Did you spot the common thinga? they both have ADD... yes. Even my persona has ADD. FML right? well not really because it saved my life... thanks to that I can think 4387278243 at the same time and multitask and it makes me a maverick so how's that for starters. *enter a deal with it gif in here* People who look at you like you're totally crazy because you have personas. Well I'm sorry to say that but we all have personas, some of us doesn't know that yet. It's kinda sad. Floating away in darkness, not knowing who you (you all) actually are. The bitter truth...

  So let me explain the whole point. People/friends have been wondering what the fuck am I actually doing. Since there are 2 (possibly 3- Morgaine too. But it's not the right time to discuss about her) me's
Let me break it down for the curious eyes;

Rotten Cherry is the founder of Rotten Cherry Studios. She has a youtube channel, it started with making skits (and not making them really public) some of them are still there but crappy ones tho. covers, etc... Sometimes she lets Gizem to put her films and outtakes there because of the goodness of her heart! :)


Facebook Page (Rotten Cherry Studios)

Aaand then we have Le Gizem, she makes films and record some weird ass songs (not the cover ones) and mainly explodes while brainstorming. Don't even get me started on how she NEVER FUCKING FINISHES HER PROJECTS... Get's distracted all the time somehow with c00L things on the interwebz (yes cute animals... So what! Stop judging me) shit. ok I'm ok.!


Twitter (still doesn't know how to use it, barely uses it)
And this blog page.

Business related, as an actress she has an official website and merch which she totally made it herself because you know she knows eerrythang in this whole wild world.

So as you see ladies and gentlemen, in order to keep your sanity you MUSN'T TAKE THINGS SERIOUSLY!!!! After all these years, after all the pain, sorrow and challenging my brain's boundaries, I'm finally making peace with myself. My advice is you should do the same thing with youself. Love yourself. Embrace yourself. Try your best. There would be no tomorrow... I know it's sad. But that is what I learnt from this bitter world. Sorry for slightly fading away from jokester to melancholy-nism.. (wut?) So brothers and sisters (I acutally updated this post from my phone but IT DIDN'T FOCKING SAVE.... so I won't bother to write it again, I don't remember it anyhow...)

Peace out. x and stay gold.