Friday 1 December 2017

Useless Glitter Baby. (Cowgirl With the Greatest Boots Ever)

I am useless. Here I weep, with every push on the keyboard's keys. My fingers are sore. Since when did I get so fucked up? ... oh, please let me know if you'll ever find it, my love. What's going on? with me? with you? with us? with the world? Would you stop. Stop saying these words that will make you regret saying them in the future... Future? This is the future... Remember yourself, dying in the glorious glitter hole that you've been digging. Now you're trying to get out. Will you ever get out? what exactly hurts so bad? Are you punishing me? Are we suppose to find answers or have you been hiding words in your so called "hidden text"? you're not that clever are you? just a show off.

 There are millions of people like you... sorry to break it down for you. You're getting old. Can you see your wrinkles and notice you haven't achieved anything yet. But this melancholy is for some other story. Do you see yourself when you sparkle? You do. Sparkle. But you sparkle alone.

 I hate to see you sad. Am I making you sad?... I didn't mean to. You're one in a million baby, the chosen one, special kind of a snowflake and the king of the world. Better? You know, I mean those words. Are we going now? Wanna fly inside of that giant tube for half of a day again? Hold my hand.

 We're gonna save you from here. Just you and me. One more god damn greatest adventure and then we'll vanish afterwards. We'll hide in the woods or hills. You choose. You pull the trigger baby. I am yours.

     We will disappear you and I... my nymph, my inspiration, my little glitter baby...