Monday 10 October 2016

Goner. (Humble Preacher)

Dudes, Dudettes, Apache helicopters and Boobies,

-(Another very "I'm a lover, not a fighter, but I crack your teeth" post incoming.) 

 Hello y'all. Listen everyone. Let me clear it all up. This blog is my own personal complain bitchlog (yes I made it up)  I might post really sentimental stuff, poem, life complains...etc. basically whatever the fuck I want and yada yada yada... so if you'll get offended easily then I suggest you leave this site immediately and never come back! EVER! :3  Now where was I.

 Oh yeah, MY ALLERGIES! THIS EFFIN' SEASONAL CHANGE SERIOUSLY WILL KILL ME SOMEDAY. I'm struggling with seeing a doc because of my anxiety... I'm anxious because I can't see a doc and I can't see a doc because I'm anxious. Vice versa! This is the evil circle I need to  get rid of...

 Nowadays I don't feel like a human at all... Well I wasn't quite a human before as well but, this mental asylum (possibly baby Arkham) is just getting worse, there's only one escape. That is my mind's palace. And it's pretty hard to enter there because I often forget where the key is. While living in a world everything's fucked up and lost. I'm one of your dem weird soul who's looking for an escape. I use to be a bit brighter than this... Some years before I was less anxious, less greedy, less egotistical... I fucking hate that little bastard. We're all trying to impress all those people we don't even fuckin like. I'm done. I'm done brothers and sisters. While our egos are slowly killing us, I'll just focus on feeding my curiosity and hunger for knowledge. While you're reading my humble preaching just try to think these; why would you even bother? for those sons of guns and sugar mommies? Oh are those too much? sorry! would you rather me to open my mouth and say nothing just puke my poison like a snake? SSSSSsssserpent? Shit. I breathe, I think, I talk. I am no one special. I am YOU! you are me. We're all the same but different but still the same (no pun intended) in the end. WE ARE ALL SCARED AND DON'T CARE. WE'RE ALL GREEDY, SELFISH, HAVE LITTLE MORALS... WE STEAL, WE CURSE, WE HATE.

 Very little amount of people turn around and look; "wtf am I doing?" Now you're wondering why this sudden, unexpected and probably unnecessary anger is coming from Giz?... Dude. Just don't
I'm a goner today. Leave me be. I'll talk, when I will talk.