Wednesday 12 April 2017

Humble Underground. (Queen of Hearts)

  Hey it's me the Underground also known as the Queen of Hearts! I've known from not making sense and enjoying the every minute of it, you haven't heard from me have you? you will. Despite of not being one of a million, I am one of your special rain drop. I don't know what changed my mind but I got used to it and I'm enjoying it. Such dopamine rush, much mindfulness. wow.

Thursday 6 April 2017

The Cook

So I cooked for the first time today... Did I tell you that I was 27 years old!? Nothing fancy to write here. I thought it looked bad, but boy it tasted sooooooo good. 

Tuesday 4 April 2017


 Yes, I might have misled you with this title and tricked you into thinking that, this very post is going to be about being sad and depressed but still going on. Not really. (summary: fuck being sad)

  "Seasonal Affective Disorder" S.A.D. who could knew that it would make such a difference. I won't tell the whole story yet but I think I am being cured but special forces of this universe *mostly god** yes, I do believe in god. So old fashioned huh? for this 21th century? :)) It wasn't what I was going about... So, I think I kinda learnt not giving fucks. Legit. I never knew that it would be possible but with the side effects of this special force and (could be a placebo effect too?) dehumanising myself from the nearest future and getting to tired of "when life gives you lemons..." I actually pretty nailed it... I might be saving my sanity. I might not be broken anymore. I can fix this, if I play my cards right this time. This will be one hell of a ride (literally) but in the end this little kiddo will be cured. Because after you've been through some shit you actually reach your either "i don't have anything to lose" or "everyone pees" (whut!?) state of mind. In this case, I chose the second one.

   I am Gizem. I am a broken human being, I accept my fears and embrace them. I am being and going to be okay. My phobias and I. We are one. And we are none.

**Now I will click my fingers and you'll wake up. Totally cured.

"I was cured alright!"
                                       - Alex Delarge