Sunday 22 September 2019

The girl in euphoria (Then there’s you)

I can smell your fragrance from here. Smells like green fairy on ice. Magical and mysterious. And I am worlds away. Oh, Undeniable chemistry... your words keep echoing in my head. Is it too late or too soon, my love? I wonder, while softly drifting to sirens lullby... I am yours and you are mine...

Behind the Red velvet curtains a vague image appear;

-Don’t play with fire, you are a mere mortal! You’ll turn into ashes before you’ll know!

- Is this real?

- You’ve witnessed the tranquil euphoric state, how can you deny it?

- I can still remember it’s flavour... I’m scared.

- We all are! Now go!

I open my eyes:

Notice the red apocalypse outside. It’s raining blood... Close them again with fear.

**Is this the life I want or willing to choose? Am I filled with happiness or mesmerised with the idea of it? Of the content feeling of peace? Starting over? Or trying to change everything because I need it? Am I running away?  None or all of them at once?**

Ill thoughts and rotten anxiety crawl back from the dead... rushes all over... I try to think straight but fail again. 

It’s dangerous here! RUN! 

Suddenly, vision of you enters the scene... Tall, pale long dark haired, big, bright reasuring blue-grey eyes... just like in my dream, years ago. You gently smile at me, when the angels die. I let the thoughts drift away with this sweet euphoria. 

What just happened? Now I am under your spell... it’s too late... too late. This is real. 

Saturday 21 September 2019

Prologue. (Selling tickets to hell)

Nobody cares, everybody cares! Getting some piece of you because they can! You feel it, oh you do, when their filthy claws enter your soul. So foul, impure, bitter, and numb. Chaotic, dirty and dumb! Beastly! I have no place in here. I don’t belong in here. Help me get out! LET ME OUT! it’s too dark in here with unholy faded whispers and laughter. LET... ME...


Nasty fiends!! 

I can’t breathe, sinking in these lies... I’ve had so much to give. And now I curse you, earthlings. By the time passing, you keep forgetting what makes you human. And so the assimilation begins!  

I despise your normality! Embrace my inner freak. Picking sides for what? Who are you saving? From who? I never agreed with you, why am I here? I am not like you! 

O’ sweet sweet liar, O’ poor sinner!

Consume more, eat eachother out. Soulless agents! I despise you! 

Trapped between past and the future but never the present! CURSE YOU! 

I am selling tickets to hell... and you are all eager to come. So howl with me, animals! follow me till you suffocate and give up.

But wait... I hear somebody’s calling.

... To be continued.