Sunday 22 September 2019

The girl in euphoria (Then there’s you)

I can smell your fragrance from here. Smells like green fairy on ice. Magical and mysterious. And I am worlds away. Oh, Undeniable chemistry... your words keep echoing in my head. Is it too late or too soon, my love? I wonder, while softly drifting to sirens lullby... I am yours and you are mine...

Behind the Red velvet curtains a vague image appear;

-Don’t play with fire, you are a mere mortal! You’ll turn into ashes before you’ll know!

- Is this real?

- You’ve witnessed the tranquil euphoric state, how can you deny it?

- I can still remember it’s flavour... I’m scared.

- We all are! Now go!

I open my eyes:

Notice the red apocalypse outside. It’s raining blood... Close them again with fear.

**Is this the life I want or willing to choose? Am I filled with happiness or mesmerised with the idea of it? Of the content feeling of peace? Starting over? Or trying to change everything because I need it? Am I running away?  None or all of them at once?**

Ill thoughts and rotten anxiety crawl back from the dead... rushes all over... I try to think straight but fail again. 

It’s dangerous here! RUN! 

Suddenly, vision of you enters the scene... Tall, pale long dark haired, big, bright reasuring blue-grey eyes... just like in my dream, years ago. You gently smile at me, when the angels die. I let the thoughts drift away with this sweet euphoria. 

What just happened? Now I am under your spell... it’s too late... too late. This is real.