Friday 28 July 2017

Fucked up ache.

Howdy. Well well well. Let's channel the thought of all the isolation from the public and let's start.

- "I don't want to sound depressed but..."

- "Then don't."

- "I'm sitting at the Starbucks, questioning my entire existence and how heart broken I am."

- "Seriously?"

- "Seriously. Why does it hurt so much that I can't even swallow this delicious strawberry acai"

- Because you're a fool. You asked for it. You had it coming for being such a fool. Now have fun looking at photos of past and present.

- I am literally going to cry right now. You're not helping at all.

- Have fun crying in the public area too.... Oh the torture! Never felt so good. Fuck you for being too emotional btw.


You shake and tremble because you'd love to steal others lives. Not that because you enjoy it. Not because you're jealous or evil. It's because you're insecure. You're feeding off of the thoughts and idea of it. That's alright because someday you'll be cured. Wait for that day. Patiently. Impatiently. Whatever works out for you. Look at you. Being a philosopher of your own thoughts. Doesn't help does it? Maybe they're where you use to be or should have been, could have been... you're not even mad at you anymore. You're just trying to pass the time and don't think about the future. Because when you do... oh well. No more. You want the (in a need of) adventure but secure one. How fucked up are ya? Try to hold it in as much as you can...