Friday 17 March 2017

I have zero discipline.

*** Clap Clap

   Psssst. Remember me? the one who chickened out big time? Everything happens for a reason you say. We'll see, I say. I just want to say, I have zero fucks to give. YES HAVE BIG ISSUES TO LIVE WITH EVERYDAY (the ones that you have no idea about) and AGAIN Depression, anxiety, panic attacks... they're all curses and gifts/ too tired to explain.

   I am just sitting here laughing. I have zero information/knowledge about this near future. It used to give me serious mental seizures. I am letting everything go. No plans. Not anymore. I will live. And I'm going to start doing that by INHALING THE WHOLE PLANET INTO MY NOSTRILS. Now watch me live.

How's that for a starter. ? ? ?

  P.S: I'd like to think my nostrils are huge. :)


- Giz