Thursday 15 May 2014

Also Born to Slay demons!

Hello there lovelies,

This will be a quick update about me, although there's not much going on. I've been good. Good like Elsa "Frozen" good. Oh, that over-rated movie! Disney, Disney, Disney.... Love the characters and visual fx but the whole story is just so boring maybe useless... why oh why... I'm also positive with this attitude for "Brave" too... ahah why the hell am I talking about Disney in the middle of the night? but again it's just me ! Anyhoozies, I wanted to talk about Brody Dalle and people who keep nagging about my absence in Facebook! Sorry guys. I bed thee farewell and it looks like I'm never coming back to that useless crap network. EVER! was that too harsh? Sorry Zuckerberg! Even tho I love BRODY AND HER FB PAGE AND STUFF I just feel so cold about it. If she couldn't make me take the turn then I don't know what else will... So as you may know my love Brody Dalle's new album is now up. I just wanted to share her awesumsos style and personality and everything about the world once again! I've been in love with her for 11 years so I'll never stop talking about her ^^ hehe. Her new amazing album called DIPLOID LOVE how awesome is that? You should hear the rest of her album! beautiful songs! I just can't uh.. argh... it's 04:24 a.m and I'm trying to...uh.... but I was so raised to the bait because of her fb bio says "Born to Slay demons and write music" that gave me inspiration, in the middle of the night... god... why is it have to be always night!? maybe I'm being too sentimental but I loved that mottto... So if I sum up... I really love her work and respect her as a mum, but it breaks my heart not too see her in the virtual world too often... also in real life... because of "some issues" my "issues"... I have.. issues...

Clicky clicky and kisses xxx   (Dat background and horizontal hadbang!)