Monday 2 September 2013

Surata Masrapa ile vurmak.

A: -Why are you playing hard to reach or just "bad"?

B: - Well, first of all, thank you for that question. See the thing is, this is not the old me anymore, things've changed, I changed. People change! get over it.

... And this time, I will not be the one who beg for mi' life and cry. Some miracle happened. And this is all we've got. I don't even remember my old sorry ass anymore and that's a good thing. No it's not an archangel either. It's something else. Different. And yes, you'll "probably" see it.

A: ...

B: - Awww hun, don't worry. It'll be over soon... just close your eyes and pray that everything will be alright... and hope that I finish with you very soon. But then again, life brings us everything randomly. So love, just sit back and relax and try not to think about it, till that day...

A: - ... Right. Uhm. *awkward* I... *somebody help!* I...  guess it's the end of our time tonight. Ehm. Thank you for joining us today...