Sunday 22 January 2012

You ARE the weakest link GOODBYE.

Why so cold?

Ohh... I missed you too my beloved blog. You've been my humble companion. And you always will be. I've been under construction for a while. BUT I'M BACK! Regenerated and all new! So as I was saying I have some sneaky wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuff to do. Still working on it though.

And the BEST part is. I'm % 75 alive. Maybe 80. A brilliant purification. Soon I will be completed. Ergh. Wait. Sounded like rehab... No.

Anyhow. I'm addicted to fishfingers and custard now. I know sounds cheesy but it's because of the DOCTOR!

And last but not least It was a random post. (because serious posts are too mainstream) Just wanted to say hello. Also to all Gallifrey children.

Child of Gallifrey